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Stephen Nash has reported on science, the environment, and other topics for The New York Times, The Washington Post, BioScience Magazine, The Scientist, The New Republic, and Archaeology. He is Visiting Senior Research Scholar at the University of Richmond, where he has taught in the journalism and environmental studies programs since 1980. He is the author of Blue Ridge 2020: An Owner’s Manual and Millipedes and Moon Tigers: Science and Policy in an Age of Extinction.


The author can be contacted at to arrange a talk with your group or club.

There are no fees or honoraria for these appearances, only reimbursement for travel expenses and the purchase of a minimum of 25 discounted copies of the book. These can be resold by the sponsoring group at the cover price, as a fund-raiser. All proceeds go to the non-profit University of Virginia Press.

Steve Nash is the rare writer who understands both science and storytelling. He’s also an extremely amusing guy.
Books and Brews event for WMRA Public Radio

…draws people out by creating a non-threatening environment so that the hesitant participate…lays the foundation for the ordinary person to understand climate change and what is at stake…on the front line of this critical issue.
Rivanna Master Naturalists

Really enjoyed…unusual and interesting topic…Very relevant and forward-thinking…The keynote was great, very informative!…An eye-opener for someone who has never concerned themselves about the impact of projected changes to the climate.
Keynote address, Virginia Association of Museums annual conference

Steve Nash’s book is powerful in its own right. But seeing Nash present the book’s findings and his views in a public forum, through compelling images and storytelling, has been very effective in educating and mobilizing audiences across the state.
—Chesapeake Climate Action Network

In fifteen minutes Steve delivered a razor-sharp, crystal-clear presentation about the future impact of climate change on Virginia in a way that riveted citizen and scientist alike,and that everyone in the room could understand.
Keynote address, Sustainable RVA

…very helpful, especially in making connections between climate science and public policy. He’s engaging, extremely well-informed, and good at connecting with a wide variety of audiences.
—Environmental Ethics course

Interesting and understandable to the average citizen…brought it home – he explained how the changing climate would affect people living in the regions of Virginia. I would encourage everyone to read his book and attend his presentation.
Sierra Club book discussion group

…engaging presentation style, rich with visuals and data made accessible to everyday people, conveyed a tremendous amount about what is currently happening in Richmond residents’ own backyards, and what we might expect…
—Keynote speaker, Inter-faith Climate Impact Tour

“…a presentation tailored for our professional audience…a combination of research data from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and the Department of Historic Preservation to provide an overview of potential impacts on coastal historic and archaeological sites…Nash’s work ably summarizes what scientists are telling us about the near-term impact of global warming on Virginia temperatures, rainfall, and especially sea level. Simultaneously scholarly and approachable…
—Keynote speaker, Preservation Virginia and Virginia Department of Historic Preservation annual joint conference

“…a great organizing tool to mobilize folks to join the climate movement here in Virginia and take action to address this urgent problem.”
—Environmental group meeting

…particularly informative, stimulating many questions and discussion from those in attendance. Focusing climate change effects close to home, and connecting it to what is already happening… shifted global warming and climate change from an abstract possibility to a “real” here and now issue for Virginia citizens.
—Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions Earth Day Symposium, Oakton, VA

“…members are well informed on climate change and many had read your book, but we all got new things from your talk, particularly with respect to the impacts in Virginia…. comments were well organized and flowed in a logical manner…”
—Climate Action Alliance, Shenandoah Valley

“…a lot of highly positive feedback stating that your presentation was timely, engaging, and one of the best they had attended on the topic in a while. …did a very good job in breaking the “huge” down into manageable bits that could be addressed on an individual and small group basis.”
—Training session for climate organizers, Randolph-Macon College

I really think it complemented the topics we are studying in our course…His book was easy to read and he did not dumb-down the science… I really like the discussion in the book about the Chesapeake Bay… I liked the discussion at the end of class, when we started talking about ethics in journalism and the difficult role journalists play.”
Environmental Chemistry course

…makes a clear case for significant climate-disruption, and asserts that not all is lost, if we act sooner than later. It will turn doubters and deniers into believers, and show how we all can make changes now to avert the natural disaster of our own making.
Environmental group, Richmond

…appreciated your ability and willingness to customize the presentation to the needs of my class… the new data on species range shifts was really helpful in getting students to think about why climate change is such a big deal. The style of presentation was an excellent blend of scientifically accurate terminology and concepts and language that can be generally understood.
Conservation Biology course

…just the right content and level of detail for folks who know about climate change but don’t know the facts specific to Virginia… just the right mix of science and statistics so that it was understandable. He made the topic approachable. His responses during closing Q and A sessions were thoughtful and honest.
Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church

“I sat in a church in Norfolk one evening last year and heard Steve Nash’s powerful and methodical presentation about what is happening all around us – and how we needed to work hard to change our current path if we want to have a livable world for future generations.”
Virginia Organizing

Steve Nash has the rare ability to speak to a variety of college campus groups about this sometimes difficult and polarizing topic…and then give a general address to the student body about what is going on with the environment and explain to them in a gentle, non-partisan way why they should care.
Convocation speaker


How Global Warming Will Transform Our Cities, Shorelines, and Forests