Virginia Climate Fever

How Global Warming Will Transform Our Cities, Shorelines, and Forests   by Stephen Nash
Winner, American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award for Books
Virginia Climate Fever The Book



The trend line shows that the statewide rate of temperature increase is 4.6 degrees per century. Scientists agree that as it continues, it ratchets up the risk of dangerous, destabilizing, and very long-lasting climate change within our lifetimes.

If you think the whole climate discussion is overblown, maintain your convictions, but listen to the scientists I’ve talked with. Judge their reasoning, evidence, and credentials, and compare them to the people you usually pay attention to.

Coconut palms and cocktails — how daunting could that be? More short-sleeved shirts! Unfortunately, Virginians won’t have the advantage of bicoastal sea breezes to counteract the heat. It will be more like laying Virginia into the swelter of interior Alabama and Mississippi, and then pushing that whole land mass farther south as time passes. 

Climate change is already upon us but we still have time to work out good plans in the face of it, and avoid making the worst of it. We have responsibilities to each other, to the natural systems we depend on, and to Virginia’s landscape, one of surpassing richness and beauty.

Washington Post op-ed:  Virginia’s leaders have a serious case of the slows on climate change

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How Global Warming Will Transform Our Cities, Shorelines, and Forests